Unifi Switch Restart Power Over Ethernet (POE) Device

May 12, 2018 07:44 · 177 words · 1 minute read

Sometimes my Unifi Cloud Key will crash, meaning I can access the controller. Most of the time when this happens I’m able to SSH into the device and restart the unifi process. This last time though I wasn’t even able to SSH or ping the Cloud Key.

I was remote at the time, and need a way to reboot it. After some research it turned out to be really simple.

Huge Cavet with this - You’ve already enabled SSH Management of your devices in the Controller. If you havent you might be able to still SSH to the switch and login with u:ubnt p:ubnt

Once you’ve SSH into the switch managment, you have to then telnet into the switch CLI. Then you can enable the config and toggle the power to the swich port.

switch01-US.v3.9.29# telnet localhost

(UBNT) >en

(UBNT) #conf

(UBNT) (Config)#interface 0/23

(UBNT) (Interface 0/23)#poe opmode shutdown

(UBNT) (Interface 0/23)#poe opmode auto

(UBNT) (Interface 0/23)#exit

That’s it - that easy. A few seconds later my Cloud Key is pingable and the Controller is back online.