Working With Hugo

May 7, 2018 22:30 · 147 words · 1 minute read

I’ve decided to try and start updating my findings, insights and notes. I’ve got a lot going on and need someplace to try and document these .. thoughts.

I’ve always used wordpress in the past, b/c it was easy - well it’s 2018 and things have changed. I don’t need all of the things that come with Wordpress, then I have to go and keep it up to date and what the security of the site. This should help make things a little simpler.

I’ve decided to go with Hugo. I’ve decided with it over Jekyll or Octopress due to the flat out simplicity of it. A single simple install and I’m good to go, a git submodule checkout for my theme. I don’t have to install this or install that. Easy . Simple .

So here is to a better 2018 - with more info coming.